Dr. Glew is a BC Certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing since 1982 in Vancouver.


Dr. Glew is a BC Certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing since 1982 in Vancouver.


Dr. Glew brings his extensive experience as a Naturopathic Physician and his diverse set of therapeutic skills to focus on the individual patient.

He feels that his patients are his best teachers and that one of the most important things a physician can do is listen to the patient and let them tell their story. From this emerges the pattern of their health — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

He says, "As doctors, we must always recognize that we do not do the healing. The body has its inherent ability to heal; we can only assist that process and we must always work with it, not against it."

In his over 30 years of practicing, he has acquired experience with a long list of natural therapies and medicines, including Acupuncture, herbal/homeopathic medicine, Chelation and FSM to name just a few. He continues to study the latest techniques of IV nutrition and chelation to treat some of the more serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

For the insight of the mytho-poetic into the psyche, he has studied with Robert Bly, Michael Meade, Robert Moore, James Hillman and others. As well as extensive meditation and chi gung practice.

Dr. Glew is a BC Certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing since 1982 in Vancouver.

Functional diagnosis versus pathology diagnosis

Mainstream medicine mostly confines itself to diagnosing disease or pathology and while this is a very important component of health care, it is at the far end of a continuum of health that begins at one end with optimal health and at the other end with death. We have various levels of dysfunction before you reach a stage of pathology such as a tumor or an ulcer. We want to determine the problem and correct it before it develops into a disease when it is still a matter of things just not working right. The sooner on this continuum we intervene, the easier it is to turn things around. Electrodermal screening is a tool for measuring the energy of the acupuncture meridians and the organs associated with them.


I like to listen to my patients, have them tell me their stories so I can get to know them and obtain useful clues as to what might be involved with their health issues.


Part of being a naturopathic doctor is teaching people about how their bodies work, how to enhance their health, how to avoid factors that are a deterrent to good health and how to develop habits and behavior that improve and maintain health on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.


Lifestyle foundations

I like to talk about the basic foundations of health that we all need to have in order to maintain our health. There are at least five major factors which affect our health in major ways. These are diet, gut ecology, exercise, sleep, and dealing with stress.


These factors can be looked at in generalities and in specifics. Certain dietary factors are beneficial for most people but are they beneficial or necessary for you as an individual? For example, the blood type diet can be a step towards individualizing your diet. Foods that suit people with A blood type do not necessarily suit people with O blood type.

Individuals with the same health diagnosis such as high blood pressure may require different solutions. We have to discover the underlying cause of the high blood pressure and how to correct that cause for that individual to help the body come back to a state of health.

Nature does the healing

The body has self healing powers. We must always work with the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. We can only assist the healing process by removing obstacles to the cure and supplying needed raw materials such as nutrients that have been deficient.


When we speak of health and the body, the reality is that energy or vitality is commensurate with health. It is true that the biochemistry of the food we eat produces energy at the most basic level. However, there are many forms and levels of energy. The ancient wisdom of most cultures have recognized energy centers in the body such as the meridian system or the chakra system which defines 7 chakras with different frequencies, each higher than the one below it. Each chakra is associated with local organs and glands as well as mental-emotional states. With developments from physics and other scientific observations and technology to measure such phenomenon, we now know that these are just as real and important to our health as the material physical body.